Round Hole Perforated Metal

Victall can offer perforated metal with various patterns mainly standard perforated patterns and decorative patterns. Round hole perforated metal is one of the most popular standard patterns suitable for various general purposes.

More Technical Details:

Perforated Metal Plates with Round Opening
Round Hole Perforated Mild Steel, 4.0mm diameter x 6.0P 40.22% Opening Rate

Stamped Standard Round Hole Metal Plate
Stamped Round Metal Sheet, 1.8mm x 3.33P 26.93% Opening Rate

Perforated Aluminum Screen
Perforated Round Opening Screen, Aluminum, Used for Chairs and Furnitures

Hole Patterns: Round hole of various degrees.

Specification of Round hole perforated metal:

(1)Perforated Cold rolled steel sheet:
Round Hole Diameter:0.8mm-10mm

(2)Perforated Plate:
Round Hole Diameter:0.8mm-100mm

Sizes can be custom design.

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