Perforated Square Tube

Steel perforated square tube is made of high quality low carbon steel sheet. Perforated tubes can be made in the outline of round pipes or square tube channel gratings. Square perforated tube is popularly used as channel gratings for walk stairs safety or flooring grates. It is processed via the digital control perforated machines. And it’s galvanizing is protecting layer against rust which makes them ideal for outdoor applications where corrosion is a concern. This kind of perforated metal square tube enjoys the features of rust resistance and corrosion resistance therefore it's widely used in corrosive environments.

More Technical Details:

Hole patterns: diamond hole, round hole, rectangular, scale hole, hexagonal hole and so on.

Surface treatment of square channel tubes: hot-dipped galvanized and electro galvanized.

Uses: Square tubing is used for sign post or used as steel grating flooring or guardrail barriers.


Embossed traction buttons provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions.

Large debossed holes provide maximum drainage of debris and allow up to 50% free air opening depending on channel width.

Self-cleaning due to resilience of walking surface.

One-piece metal construction.

Lightweight design provides high strength to weight ratio.

Long life span requiring little maintenance.

Simple and economical installation as planks are self-framing.

Adaptable to cost effective custom fabrication.

Can be easily formed in standard channel or custom shapes

Specificationmm) Thickness mm) Weight/FTkg
38.5*38.5 2.5 0.7
44.5*44.5 2 0.7
44.5*44.5 2.5 0.85
50.8*50.8 2 0.85
50.8*50.8 2.5 1.05
57.1*57.1 2.5 1.15

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