Round Hole Perforated Tube

Round opening perforated sheet metal is the most widely used for making of perforated pipes/tubes. The sheet metal is punched by a die to get its round opening. The shape of the hole is determined by the shape of the die. For perforating a round hole pattern, the die is pre-made into circular shape. Then the sheets or plates are welded together to form a cylinder or tube.


More Technical Details:

Round hole opening has two patterns of staggered centers. 60°Degree Staggered Centers round hole are the most popular of all pattern types because of their inherent strength, their multitude of varied open areas ,and their attractive appearance, An alternate to the standard patterns is 45°degree staggered centers .Straight center round hole patterns are available in various sizes and open areas, but they are the weakest of the round hole pattern.

The die’s diameter can vary from approximately twice the thickness of the material being punched to over two inches.

The thickness of metal sheet:0.1-12mm
Hole types : round
Tube types: round, or square

Uses: Round hole perforated tubes are used for decorating, cage ventilation, antiskid. At the same time, the different metal mesh can be as the guard of central heating, air conditioning equipment, different sorts of chassis and machines. Another important use is filtration. For instance, filter, filter pipe, water and gas treatment equipment. The surface of the tube is plain, clean and no furring.

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