perforated Patterns

There are over 2000 different perforated patterns that we can produce - all of which fall into one of six basic categories. The available perf patterns and information specific to each category, including formulas for determining the percent open area (%OA) and holes per square inch (HPSI), are contained within their respective section.

More Technical Details:

The majority of the patterns shown within each section represent the most commonly used patterns that our existing tooling produces. Due to the versatility of the tools and presses, it is not practical to show every possible pattern that can be produced. Because of the vast number of patterns that can be produced from our tools, it is likely that your requirement can be fulfilled with existing tooling.

In the event we can not produce a pattern with existing tooling, the Customer Service Representative will either quote the closest alternate and/or obtain the price to have our on-site tool and die shop build a proprietary tool.

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