Our Perforating Capability

Practical Ingenuity

We use a proprietary manufacturing process that includes custom-designed mills built specifically for the production of perforated tubing. We've been refining our equipment and procedures during more than a decade of operation - all to make sure that you get the tubes you need, when you need them.

More Technical Details:

Our process incorporates spiral welding - a more demanding, but superior-quality technique. We've fine-tuned every aspect of our production process, even down to the custom-blended gas that enhances the quality of our weld seams.

Our technology allows us to excel in product features that challenge other mills, such as dimples, louvers, and tight restrictions. Better still, the equipment and procedures we use enable us to adapt to your special requirements, maximize production speeds, and improve cost-effectiveness for you.

Flexibility Is The Key

TPM production capabilities accommodate a wide range of product designs and sizes. We have multiple, modular production lines, each of which can be quickly re-tooled to handle large volumes or special requirements.

Diameters: .625 inch OD (15.875 mm) to 15 inch OD (381 mm)
Wall Thicknesses: .025 inches (.635 mm) to .1875 inches (4.763 mm)
Lengths: Unlimited

Stainless steel and mild carbon steel

Perforation Patterns
Custom hole shapes, sizes, and patterns to suit any open-area requirement
Inventory of standard staggered and in-line patterns.

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