Perforated Metal Tubes

Victall is a manufacturer of perforated, spiral wound tubes used for sand control assemblies in oil field down-hole operations & other applications including water treatment, food processing, nuclear energy & pulp & paper.

Sand Control Assemblies inclues:
Perforated Tubing
Perforated Tubing Filters
Spiral Welded Metal Tubing

More Technical Details:

Perforated metal tubes are available in diameter up to 6 in. & lengths up to 30 in. in different metals including carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminum in different thicknesses.

We manufacture standard & custom perforated metal tubes. Materials handled include stainless steel & carbon steel. Perforated tubing is available in OD up to 3 in., wall thickness from 0.024 in. to 0.118 in. & tube lengths up to 27.5.


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