Slotted Tubes

Punched Slotted Tubes Used as Filter Cylinders and Solid Backing Screen
About Support Tubes for Filter Elements in General:

We supply perforated slotted tubes welded in firm structure to support the filter media in making of various filter elements. Using of perforated metal adds more strength and pressure resistance in filter flow.

More Technical Details:

Perforated metal can be used in filters to support the filter media. It can be processed into the forms of tube, cylinder, sheet and conical as protection and supporting layer for filter mesh, filter cartridge, cylinder or filters for filtration in petroleum, chemical, food and pharmacy.

Specify the following when you order slotted support tubes from us:
Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials.
Hole pattern: Micron round, diamond and others.
Open area: It will determine the strength of the support tube and the filter flow.

Hole size and thickness: Various to meet different requirements for tubing strength and filtration.

Support Tubes Support Tubes Filter Element
Support Tubes Support Tubes Filter Element


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