304 Perforated Filter Tube

Perforated stainless steel tubes can be welded into single layer or multi-layer filter pipes. SS 304 is a very popular stainless steel model in practical uses.


More Technical Details:

Perforated Filter Support Tube in SS Grade 304
Stainless Steel Sus 304 Perforated Pipes, Used as Single Layer Filter

Metal Grade: Stainless Steel SUS304.

Size: Inside diameter 60mm. Pipe length: 1200mm; hole diameter: 2mm, hole distance 3mm; perforated metal thickness: 3mm. Sizes can be custom made.

Processing: Perforating – shearing of metal plates – rolling into cylinders – arc welding – polishing

Uses of single layer perforated filter tube: Mainly for environment protection and water treatment.

Victall also supply multi-layer filter tubes. Details as follows.
Material: 304, 316 or 316L
Structure: Inside layer is digital control perforated round hole sheets; outside layer is high precision ss sheets. Arch welded.
Multi-layer filter tubes are mainly for purifying of water origins
Features: Multilayer filter tubes have high filtration rating, better corrosion resistance, easily cleaned, can be used repeatedly, with wide filtration area. Sizes can be custom made.

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