Metal Tubing Specialists

Victall is engaged in perforating and punching of metal tubes. The perforated sheet metals include stainless steel (like AISI304, 316), carbon steel, aluminum, monel and various alloys, even plastic. Then it is welded to form a perforated pipe, cylinder, basket or cone. The punched or slotted steel tubing is also formed into square channels for specific uses. The perforated round stainless steel tubes are mostly used as sand control supporting pipe, water well screen, filter cylinders or filter supporting layer. The surface finishes for perforated tubes are stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum mill finish. It is also known as casing pipe when the perforated tubing is applied in well screen support structures.

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Why Victall?

Victall has rich experience in perforated tubes manufacture and we know perforated metals from materials, processing, welding, special treatment, to its applications. We offer perforated tubes in wall thicknesses ranging from 0.024 inch to 0.118 inch. Tube diameters range from 1/4" to 12". Tube seams types can be spiral seams, longitudinal-welded seams and other types.

Perforated Patterns

There are over hundreds different perforated patterns that we can produce: round hole, square, triangle, hexagonal and more. Each perforated holes are made with a precise die designed. The open area (%OA) percentage and holes per square inch (HPSI) are various for each perforated patterns. Resulted in different filtration.


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Perforated Tube Filters

Perforated tubes are popularly used as filter cylinders in oil filtration and other industrial screening. Victall supplies perforated steel and perforated ss filter tubes for filter elements. The metal tubing can offer strong backing suitable for heavy load filter media. Stainless steel filter tubes have good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Galvanized steel perforated tubes are less cost. Supplied in single layer or removable multi-layer cylinders. We also supply perforated liners or slotted liners for well screen filters.       More

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